Phase II SBIR Grant Application

The consulting firm BBCetc is helping progenesis submit a Phase II SBIR Grant Application.  Once an applicant, such as Progenesis, has received a Phase I award, they are eligible to submit a Phase II grant application.  The purpose of the Phase II award is to aid in the commercialization of the innovative technology.  The amount of this award is substantial, up to $1million over a two-year period.  However, the application is more complex than the Phase I and requires up to a 12-page commercialization plan.  Therefore, Progenesis decided to engage the services of the consulting firm BBC entrepreneurial training & consulting (BBCetc).  The company has an excellent track record in helping small business obtain SBIR funding.  Their stringent review and insightful suggestions were invaluable in the writing of this Phase II application.  The final version was submitted to the NIH prior to the September 5th 2016 deadline.  Our initial review score was promising and information about potential funding will be obtained in mid-February of 2017.

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