2017 World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Progenesis (Dr. Hongwei Yu and myself) attended the 2017 World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology last week in Montreal.  Our compliments to the organizers for putting together an informative and timely program.  Thanks especially for the partnering sessions that set a record number for this year’s meeting.  Also thanks to the people of Montreal who were […]

NIH SBIR Phase II Award

Progenesis is happy to announce that the company has been accepted into the NIH-funded Commercialization Accelerator Program (CAP).  This program is managed by LARTA under a contract from the NIH.  It provides a Primary Advisor for mentoring, honing a commercialization plan and introduction to a network of companies and entrepreneurs to help the company achieve […]

Issue II, Spring 2017

Presently, the entire global supply of alginate is obtained from brown seaweeds. These are also known as macroalgae or kelp. The major species of commercial interest are Ascophyllum, Laminaria, Ecklonia, Durvillaea, Lessonia and Macrocystis, with Ascophyllum, Laminaria and Macrocystis being heavily used for alginate preparation. Have you wondered whether climate change, specifically global warming and […]

Issue I, Winter 2017

Welcome to the first edition of our Progenesis blog discussing the latest developments, applications and concerns pertaining to alginate and its technology. As a disclaimer, Progenesis is a company that is using genetic engineering to commercialize the use of bacterial alginates and to produce custom alginates not found in seaweed, the current commercial source of […]