Engineering High Alginate Production

The key to viable commercialization of bacterial alginate is to stimulate high and stable production of this polymer, altering the central carbon metabolism pathway so that a maximal amount of the carbon source enters the alginate biosynthetic pathway, in conjunction with expression of optimized biophysical properties in medical applications.

Progenesis has identified a genetic signal that stimulates high and stable production of alginate in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and also formulated a media composition that allows this new strain of bacteria to produce an average of 250g/L (wet weight) of commercial grade alginate.

Progenesis is currently optimizing a strategy of engineering the flow of glycerol into a scale up bioreactor to maximize growth and yield curves of our recombinant alginates, followed by an efficient and eco-sensitive purification process producing customized alginate as a bio-substrate

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